Sheets and plates

Hot Rolled Coil / Pack Sheet

Hot Rolled Coil / Bundle Sheet ; It is obtained by rolling at a high temperature (1700 F and above) above the recrystallization temperature of the steel. When the steel is above the recrystallization temperature, it can be shaped and sized. Hot rolled sheet (steel) is generally cheaper than cold rolled steel, since there is no hesitation and reheat during production. When it is cooled, the steel shrinks to a certain extent and thus less controls the size and shape of the finished product than the cold rolled product.

1.5mm up to 80mm

Cold Rolled (DKP) Coil / Pack Sheet

Cold Rolled (DKP) Coil / Pack Sheet (Steel); It is mainly hot rolled sheet, further processed. The steel is processed in cold rolling facilities after cooling and / or hot rolling after cooling at room temperature. With cold rolling process, sheets of different quality and sizes are obtained

0.3mm up to 3mm

Galvanized sheets and coils

Galvanized Coil and Package Sheet; both surfaces are covered with zinc and are defined as carbon steel sheets. Coating process of the sheet is made by continuous galvanizing method and it is made both smoother and corrosion resistant.

0,3mm up to 2mm

Trapezoidal / Corrugated Sheet

Trapezoidal and Corrugated Sheet; It is manufactured from galvanized sheet and painted sheet. These sheets are mainly used in the construction industry

1.6mm up to 9mm

Plastic / PVC

0.4mm up to 3mm

Tear drop

Quality S235/S275/S355/P265GH/P235GH

We are cuttig from 3mm to the required lenght

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