Our production

Chain link fence

  • Wire thickness – 1.8 – 3mm
  • Hight 1m/1,25/1,5/1,8/2m hight 1m/m1,25m/1,5m/1,8m/2m

Chain link fence PVC

  • Wire thickness 1,8 – Inner galvanized with 2,8mm externally PVC

Barbered wire

  • Wire thickness 20, -2,2mm 
  • Type IOWA

Chicken wire mash galvanized and black

  • Wire 0,65mm
  • Fi 16mm holles, hight 1m

Bended wire mash black and galvanized

  • 3-4mm wire
  • Holles 30×30/50×30/50×50

In addition to retail sale of pipes, profiles and sheets, our company also started its own production of galvanized, black, PVC nets, barbed wire and bituminous knitting. Today we are recognized as one of the best companies in this field.

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