We deliver in Macedonia

Metal-NET specializes in importing and exporting flat, long metal products. With their professional staff and the experience and knowledge of its founder.

  • Secure delivery to your destination
  • Fast delivery
  • 24 hour availability
  • We are always here for you


Metal Net delivers iron and steel safely and quickly to destinations across the country and our neighbors. We deliver with 10 solo trucks and 2 trucks. Services we offer:

  • Cutting of steel to the required length
  • Cutting sheet metal to the required length
  • Delivery in Macedonia
  • Delivers to neighboring countries

Our production

In addition to retail sale of pipes, profiles and sheets, our company also started its own production of galvanized, black, PVC nets, barbed wire and bituminous knitting.


This category includes: Brush plate, door hinges, rail gate systems, electrode, hamburg elbows, metal paint, galvanized lightning strip ...

Steel bars and sheets

In the range of metal products that we constantly have, we also have hot-rolled and light-drawn steels, inox materials, bronze, oak steels, tool steels, merchant bars, sheets, wedges.


INP (NPI) / UNP (NPU) profiles; Steel profiles are used in the construction of industrial structures and steel structures. Today, the use of steel profiles ...

Sheets and plates

Hot Rolled Coil / Bundle Sheet ; It is obtained by rolling at a high temperature (1700 F and above) above the recrystallization temperature of the steel...

Merchant bars

Flat bars/Angle/Square and round bars It is produced by hot and cold rolling method. These are the products started production with the developing technology of recent years. 

Hollow section

This category includes: square, rectangular, circular, profiles and nozzles, galvanized water pipes, galvanized profiles and pipes...
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