Hollow section


Dimensions: 12×12 up to 600x600mm


30×10 up to 600x400mm


16мм up to fi 600мм

Profiles and pipes

Square and rectangular box profiles; It is manufactured from steel bands that contain quality varieties in accordance with the norms and with high frequency welding. Profiles with square and rectangular box shapes are produced from hot and cold bands with the use of advanced technology. Basically, two different methods are used in production today.

3/8″ up to 4′

Galvanized water pipes

1/2″ up to 4″

Galvanized profiles and pipes

3/8 up to 6″

Galvanized pipes

They are pipes coated with zinc by hot dip method to protect the steel against corrosion and indoor humidity. Galvanization is the most preferred low cost coating method in the world because it is the most resistant coating against rain acid.

Quality: S235/S275/S355/P265GH

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