About us

Metal-NET specializes in importing and exporting flat, long metal products. With their professional staff and the experience and knowledge of its founder.

From our own production we would separate the following products: elements for wrought iron fences, hexagonal mesh, barbed wire and welded mesh. We are placing them on the domestic market and markets in neighboring countries.

In 2009, Metal Net was among the 200 best companies in Macedonia.

Every year we strive to be as high as possible in the rankings, by building long-term relationships with our existing and future associates, suppliers and customers.

By the end of 2011, it is planned to open a warehouse in our capital Skopje.

Metal Net delivers iron and steel safely and quickly to destinations across the country and our neighbors. Our company is constantly working on a new projects for competitive prices in terms of the dynamics of the global steel market for our customers while maximizing our service and product quality.

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